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Escape competition through authenticity

Craft the career portfolio
fast and flawless.

Resyfy is the career curation platform designed to make authentic resume documents stand out.

Store career valuables

Curate career portfolio

Share and collaborate


Career Valuables
Create Opportunities

You may wonder why you still need a resume in an age where employers can Google you and tools like LinkedIn allow you to create something similar to a resume. But you still need a resume document for the employment process, side projects, speaking engagements, sponsorship endeavors, and many more. 
Also, your resume communicates your qualifications and brand - who you are and what makes you different. You need resume documents that help you stand out in a sea of applicants in the market.
A good career portfolio combines accumulated achievements that don’t often change with forward-thinking upskilling to keep up with the latest and greatest.



In addition to hard skills and soft skills, people need a careerOS to navigate and thrive in the future of work. Having careerOS ensures you can succeed wherever you are in your career.

The careerOS goes beyond a resume to show your work experience, skills, accomplishments, and more to set you apart and seize various opportunities which arise during your career.


Secure storage for career valuables

Continuously save information about who you are, examples of your work, and achievements in original formats.


​All-in-one career portfolio management

The benefits of designing a career portfolio go beyond having a useful tool to showcase yourself. 


AI-curated career valuables

The comprehensive solution quickly and optimally selects achievements for specific needs.


Assigned credibility to docs shared

Crafted to confirm that a resume is trustworthy and designed to make authentic resumes stand out.


Built for Everyone,
Made for Life

Craft the best career portfolio fast and flawless.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all resume document. In order to achieve the career goals and opportunities, you must customize your resume documents to fit the specific criteria each time you apply for a new position or collaboration.

Resyfy is the platform to manage a career portfolio in one place and distribute resume documents with credibility. 

Store career valuables

Curate career portfolio

Share and collaborate

Cheered By Businesses,
Supported by Communities

Business leaders appreciate resume documents sent from Resyfy. It gives them a better insight into the person applying, the credibility of information shared, and shortens their selection and decision time.

What People Say

I have accumulated skills, and I want a career change. However, it's difficult and stressful to choose achievements to craft the personal portfolio to carry you to a new life stage.

Karen Behavnani, 

Innovation Manager

It helps managers of professional athletes that we can quickly craft a portfolio document from various achievements at any time as needed.

Andrej Golic,

Handball Agent

The concept of resume has to be disrupted. It is broken, an it has to be reinvented.

Hillel Fuld,

Tech Columnist

I need a tool to set myself up for a meaningful career - to look before I leap. And it is time for a tool that helps us craft the best of us and assure that individuals achieved what they say they did.

Paola Molino,



Create Opportunities
With Resyfy Career Curation

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