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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Resyfy a resume builder tool?

Resyfy is careerOS designed to manage your career valuables and streamline resume management for different working life opportunities.
Resume Builders, like Rezi,, Enhancv, Cake Resume, Standard Resume, and others, are additional tools to Resyfy.

Who is Resyfy made for?

Everyone. Our vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce and find opportunities beyond resumes or LinkedIn profiles.

Why Resyfy?

In today's world, people need a new way to collect, store, and verify achievements in original formats. Moreover, people need help abstracting relevant info for various activities and sharing relevant accomplishments, achievements, and accumulated skills.

Is Resyfy a free tool?

Resyfy is a freemium tool that offers users the basic features of a product at no cost and charges a premium for supplemental and advanced features.

Can I use Resyfy if I have no work experience?

The lifelong solution is a comprehensive career curation with Resyfy. Resyfy enables storing career valuables, managing a career portfolio, and abstracting an ideal selection of achievements in creating verified career documents - fast and flawless. 

The benefits of developing a career portfolio go beyond having a helpful tool to showcase yourself. The process of creating the portfolio is also a valuable way to prepare for networking and interviews. Through the effort of identifying, writing about, and organizing your experience, education, skills, and accomplishments, you will be prepared to speak easily and confidently about yourself to prospective employers.

Can I use Resyfy if I am at the end of my career?

Resyfy is designed to expect and considers the choices and options that you will face. It is also fundamentally a call to action for all individuals and offers the clearest demonstration that a 100-year life can be a wonderful and inspiring one. Whether you are 18, 45, or 60, you will need to do things very differently from previous generations and learn to structure your life in entirely new ways. 

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