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Career Operating System (careerOS)

CareerOS helps you create a meaningful working life and meaningful career

In addition to hard skills and soft skills, employees need a set of career development skills to navigate and thrive in the future of work. Building a careerOS ensures you can succeed wherever you are in your career.

Your Career Operating System

We as employees need a careerOS to ensure that we have the infrastructure needed to achieve our career goals, whether that’s building new skills, gaining new responsibility, or finding the next job, function, or career opportunity. Just like an operating system helps lay the foundation for all of your computer’s apps and software to run effectively, a careerOS ensures all of your apps (ex: skills, capabilities and experiences) can be used effectively to achieve a career goal.

How to Build Your CareerOS

If you’re worried about another set of skills you have to build and grow in order to succeed in your career you can relax because the good news is that you probably already have a good base and foundation. But to go from here, here is an actionable list what you will need to rethink, structure, and collect your career valuables for:

  • Portfolio of your career valuables

  • Lifelong learning

  • Performance management

  • Storytelling

  • Skills acquisition

  • Personal branding

  • Relationship building/networking

Personal branding checklist

Personal branding checklist

Download marketing plan framework here.

Resyfy careerOS

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